Portrait study after Sargent

Who doesn’t know the gorgeous portraits by John Singer Sargent? He was a famous American painter, born in Massachusetts in 1820 and died in London in 1925. He is generally considered one if the most famous portrait painters of XIX Century. His beautiful portraits speak for themselves. I’ve studied his painting technique and  many of …

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After Rembrandt - Portrait of an Old Man - Sara Calcagno

Some thoughs about studying the Masters

Like most of us, I love Rembrandt  and his paintings.. In particular, I find his portraits particularly beautiful and intense and I totally love his technique! I like the thickness of his painting and the apparent  roughness of his style in some points. Rembrandt was certainly very modern for his times and I find his …

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A color study of autumn colors

Last sunday I made this little colored painting with the technique wet on wet (or “alla prima”). The subject is a basket full of red and yellow apples. It is taken after a photo I made a couple of years ago, exactly in an autumn day like these ones. Autumn inspires me always very much. …

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Copy after Todorovitsch - by Sara Calcagno

Studying Todorovich

Dear friends, just a little study after a painting by Joseph Todorovich representing a red-haired young girl outdoor in plein sun and with closed eyes. I love this portrait, I find it poetic and full of magic. If you wish to commission me a portrait, I would love to paint an impressionistic painting.. I love …

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Studiare Roberto Ferri..

Dopo diversi studi su Rembrandt, Velazquez ed ultimamente, uno su Caravaggio .. è arrivata la volta di Roberto Ferri. Roberto Ferri è uno dei pittori  contemporanei  che preferisco,  i suoi dipinti hanno una forza ed un’energia che pochi pittori riescono ad eguagliare.. E, come se non bastasse, ho la immensa fortuna di averlo come maestro. …

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Self portrait with Caravaggio

Uncomfortable  situations… 😊😊 Self portrait with Caravaggio (work in progress) Dear friends, this is the painting I’m working on in this moment. It’s a study after Caravaggio but it’s also a self portrait (with him).. At the moment I’ve almost finished Dave and Golia (Caravaggio) but I’ve got still only the drawing of me. As …

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