A color study of autumn colors

Last sunday I made this little colored painting with the technique wet on wet (or “alla prima”). The subject is a basket full of red and yellow apples. It is taken after a photo I made a couple of years ago, exactly in an autumn day like these ones. Autumn inspires me always very much. …

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Copy after Todorovitsch - by Sara Calcagno

Studying Todorovich

Dear friends, just a little study after a painting by Joseph Todorovich representing a red-haired young girl outdoor in plein sun and with closed eyes. I love this portrait, I find it poetic and full of magic. If you wish to commission me a portrait, I would love to paint an impressionistic painting.. I love …

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Another painting of my series “Selfies with the Masters”

One  my last projects is the one “selfies with the Masters”.. and, after a self portrait with Rembrandt and the very uncomfortable one with Caravaggio… now on my easel  there is a new self portrait with a great master of the Past: Alma Tadema. Hope you will enjoy it!