For me, Beauty will truly save the world. For sure, every day she saves me .. "


Since I was a child my great passions have been drawing and color, but my path to art as a profession has been anything but smooth.

I have traveled a lot for study since I was 13, mostly in England, Germany, France and Austria. Later on I also worked in Germany. I graduated in German language and literature at the University of Turin, I worked as a waitress, secretary, interpreter until I realized that my creativity was overwhelming and I needed to express myself with my own voice and that, in my life, I couldn’t be anything but an artist.

Thus I began a long and demanding self-taught study path, which brought me into contact with some of the greatest living artists in the world, taking lessons from many of them.

In the last ten years I have learned a lot, painting every day and living most of the time between excitement and frustration.

In the last year of lockdown I had the honor of meeting and making an artistic and human journey with the wonderful Putney Painters  of Vermont, USA, and this brought me to deepen my research on color.

My great inspirations are the Italian Renaissance, the Baroque period and the great 19th century Art.

My studies have led me to try to combine the two worlds of which I feel a part: the classical academic tradition that makes Drawing the basis of everything (represented by my Italian Masters) and the great impressionistic tradition that is currently very well represented by the living American colorists.

I paint both in the studio and en plein air, mainly oil on canvas. My paintings usually have Nature, Dream and Beauty as subjects.