Albino in Arte 2021 and me portrait sketching from life my model

Last Sunday the streets of the historic center of Albino (Bg) were dressed in Art for Albino in Arte, one of the initiatives aimed at celebrating the 500th anniversary of the birth of the great Albino artist Gian Battista Moroni.

In the streets of Albino there were 80 artists among which painters and sculptors plus some musicians and a storyteller. All artists selected by an artistic committee. I was present with some of my last artworks and, from morning to evening, I painted a portrait sketch from life of my model and friend Anna Laura.

I had a lot of fun painting Anna Laura from life and I loved meeting people after so much lockdown and lack of human contacts. The people were warm and welcoming! So many people stopped to chat, asking me about the paintings, a business card or just stopped for telling me they liked my artworks.

It was nice, especially if you think about the situation we come from: a year and a half of lockdowns and absent human relationships because of the damn Covid!! So it was exciting to spend the whole day with friends (Anna Laura and his boyfriend and then her parents came and we love them all!). I met people from real all day long, I talked with so many people I had never seen before (!) and it was exciting to see the streets of the historic center of this beautiful town full of people with the desire to see and experience Art. .

I really like painting from life.. and I like to create some kind of “Art event” .. I like the show, I like the people. It’s exciting!

Of course, being very busy with painting, I couldn’t walk around in the streets and meet other artists. That’s a pity because for sure it was full of fantastic people ..but on the other hand, it’s also true that, if I had done it, I would never have been able to finish the portrait by the end of the day and I would not have done my show .. and therefore, it was perfect this way..

Anyway, the staff was so good that they called three photographers to portray this event, Albino in Arte.. And with their wonderful shots they gave me a more than complete idea of was going on all around in the show that day: a marvel !! I am proud to have been a part of it.

The initiative was organized by the associations Arte sul Serio and the Photographic Association of the City of Moroni – Albino.

Thanks guys, you were great !! :))