The New Romantics, the need for infinity

I love the mountains.  I adore that sensation you feel, when you’re arrived at your goal and the stunning landscape all around you repays you for all your effort. What makes us overcome our limits? What makes us going always a little further and wanting to discover always new places?  What is that need of adventure, that need of strong emotions and strong feelings always pushing us towards the unknown? This painting represent some of us ..those, for those is true the quote by Robert Frost “Two roads diverged in a wood  and I, I took the one less traveled by. And that made all the difference”.

In this painting I wanted only two main character and one subject. The first character is for sure the amazing location in all its triumphant beauty (the Italian Alps in Aosta Valley, Italy). The second character is my model, representing all of us with the same spirit.. And here we are at the subject: the need for infinity, for new discoveries, the adventurer in the sense intended in the XIX century, the one I feel so near my soul.

About the amazing alpine landscape seen from the top of the mountains, of course is an homage to Caspar David Friedrich famous one, the Wanderer above the Sea of Fog, dating 1818. The figure represents for sure the artist, and all people like me in need for infinity with the particular adventurous spirit, with a romantic approach to life.

I am totally in love with the alpine landscapes and with the Aosta Valley, that I live since I was a child and where I have dear friends and dear memories.

The New Romantics, Painting by Sara Calcagno, oil on canvas, 76 x 35 cm