Portrait of Cassandra

I painted this portrait in 2017, after a painting workshop in Tuscany, that I organized with the wonderful American painter Michelle Dunaway

We were in Val d’Orcia, exactly in the property in which some of the most beautiful scenes of the movie “The Gladiator” were filmed. Do you remember the movie the Gladiator by Ridley Scott and starred by Russel Crowe?

We were in the Elysian fields of  the movie,  walking through the same secular alley of Cypressus trees and looking at the same fields where Maximus’ wife and son waited for him.

Cassandra, a splendid local girl that was modeling for us that day, playing the role of the Mediterranean and beautiful wife of Maximus Decimus Meridius.

An unforgettable demo by Michelle

I will never forget the morning of Michelle’s demo, and the atmosphere of the moment. The location was gorgeous, we were outside in the fields down under the alley of secular cypressus trees. Everything was simply astonishing and magic. The location was stunning, Michelle’s demo was great, the soundtrack of the movie was on, the dramatic light and the sky were fantastic, with the clouds moving fast in the sky and making the scene appear gorgeous as if we were on a stage with a gigantic bull’s eye lighning up now this hill now that one.

All this while Cassandra was standing proud and fierce looking faraway at the horizon, playing the rule better than a movie star.

That morning everything was breathtaking, wonderful and exciting and we were all very much inspired by the location, by the weather  and by Cassandra. We made so many photoshoots and videos!!

Portrait after photos

One of these many photos became afterwards this particular portrait.

Normally I like very much to paint portraits by photos but only if I took personally the photos and if I spent some time with the model of the portrait. This is because, if I took personally the photos, when I make the portrait from those photos, I can feel the same emotions and vibrations I felt while shooting them. Emotions and vibrations are essential in painting.

Of course we cannot paint well if we don’t communicate emotions and we cannot communicate emotions if we don’t feel them ourselves..

Thank you

Thanks to Cassandra for beeing such an inspiring model. Since that day I asked Cassi to model for me many times and in many different occasions and she will be also present in the paintings I’m preparing right in this period.

And thanks to my dear friend and gorgeous artist Michelle Dunaway for being such a wonderful, inspiring and poetic painter always looking for beauty.

That was really an unforgettable  workshop..

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