Self portrait with Caravaggio

Uncomfortable  situations… 😊😊 Self portrait with Caravaggio (work in progress)

Dear friends, this is the painting I’m working on in this moment. It’s a study after Caravaggio but it’s also a self portrait (with him)..

At the moment I’ve almost finished Dave and Golia (Caravaggio) but I’ve got still only the drawing of me.

As you can see, this time I’ve chosen to put myself in a very uncomfortable situation..

I’ve got my head off exactly like Caravaggio (Golia), and the painting represents me while, with my last breath, I’m shouting and looking at him.

This is, first of all, a study after a masterpiece so I tried both to copy what Caravaggio painted so gorgeously and   to represent the tragedy and the drama, that he was able to put on scene so brilliantly..

The second part of this study is my self portrait. It represents me looking at Golia and, while exhaling my last breath, shouting at what I’m seeing..

In this self portrait I try to  represent the interior drama of the artist, the pain and the anguish towards himself and his destiny  and, at the same time,  my deep understanding and identification with him both as an artist and as a human beeing.